Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Co-ed R4s Season Begins!

Hey Everyone,
Co-ed R4s League is definitely a go! - Thanks to all of you who signed up!

As of this moment, I have four teams to play tomorrow, Thursday, March 31, 2016. The gym doors are supposed to be opened for us at 6:45pm, and games will start at 7pm.  You will play two teams, best of three, 25-25-15 (win by 2, cap 31 & 21). We MUST be out of the gym by 945pm. THIS IS A MANDATORY REQUIREMENT BECAUSE OF THE CONTRACT WITH THE CUSTODIAL STAFF. This means that games may need to be cut short if we do not start/finish in a timely fashion.

The gym is located at Aldergrove Community Secondary School, off of 264 and 29th Ave, and we have it until Thursday June 16, 2016. The cost for the season will be $100 per team ($25 per player). Also, please make sure each member signs and submits a waiver before playing!

I do have interest from a 5th team of all girls (they would have to designate two players as male), and potentially two other pairs of two, to join the league. That being said, we will not run the league with an odd amount of teams (weird scheduling). If I can get two or four more teams confirmed before next Thursday, April 7, 2016, then I will add them into the schedule for next week and adjust the timing accordingly. 

For now, we will see the following teams for 7pm tomorrow:
-Mark Watts
-Danika Schutte
-Chantal Bruce 
-Marika Togeretz 

As all R4s league tend to have slightly different rules, I thought I would go ahead and list off a few of the specifics that we will be playing with:
-No open-hand tipping

-No directional blocking
-Guys cannot jump inside the three metre line during an attack (only to block another male)
-Guys cannot block girls
-When setting the ball across the net your shoulders must be square to where the ball lands
-If a guy is inside the 3m line, they must put the ball beyond the opposing teams 3m line
-One bounce off of the rafters/hoops is allowed as long as it does not cross the plane of the net

-No net touching what so ever...EVER!

Anyway, I hope I've touched on everything! Please let me know if there is anything further that needs to be addressed, otherwise we will see you at 7pm tomorrow!

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